Walking down the isle

Beautiful anticipation, an elevator ride, flowers a white dress and a beautiful honeymoon. Day one, when it all started. December 21st, 2003.

7 months pregnant, flowers, a hotel getaway and a fancy dinner. Marcus delivered me flowers during the day. It was our very first anniversarry and we were so in love. So excited to become parents. December 21st, 2004

Cold snow, skiing, a 10 month old rambunctious little boys first time seeing snow. We spend our second anniversary skiing in Colorado December 21st, 2005

It had been a rough year, lost one precious baby, but thankfully were expecting again. I had endured, what I thought was the hardest thing in my life seeing the lifeless ultra sound, you were there with me every step. December 21st 2006

Not one but two little boys, lots of love, planning on a third, you were praying that we would get a little girl! WehHad a night out to Cafe Boa, I still have the sweater you bought me. December 21st 2007

Flying on an airplane! Going home to visit family, leaving the warm beaches of Maui for the semi cold of AZ for a few weeks. We now had three, two precious boys and one darling girl, and she was truly the light of your life. December 21st, 2008

Salty air, warm sand. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts and Asti Champagne. A beautiful evening, and another year we spent on Maui. December 21st, 2009

Three beautiful growing children, we had spent the year traveling up the coast of California in our 5th wheel, December 21st 2010.

A chaotic year, and surprise!!! We added another little boy 4 months before. Another year together, December 21st 2011

Life had slowed down, it had been a year of challenges, we nearly didn’t make it. Against all odds we celebrated another year December 21st 2012

Five growing kids, almost to the eight I said I wanted on our first date ;). Went to Vegas for the big 10 year. What would be our final trip together, December 21st 2013

December 21st, 2014 Its here, I’m alone. 11 years ago I said I would love you forever. And I will. Through everything. Through all the hard times, through the addictions, through the pain. Through every birth that brought a new child. It was always us. We were stubborn. We stuck together no matter what. We had vowed till death do us part, and on April 8th 2014. Death did just that. Happy anniversary.


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