The Day We Met

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These are primarily being posted for my kids to see, because if its on the intranets… I wont lose them (I lose EVERYTHING).

The day I met Jason.  My kids dad

I was 16, starting my second semester at Mesa Community College.  I was taking Economics, so was he.  It was the easiest class EVER.  No really, we had an extra credit quiz on every Tuesday, (multiple choice) give the answers to said quiz every Thursday, the tests were only taken from the quizzes.  I know… super easy.  I was always there early, Jason often came late, he would sit close to me most of the time.  He said he needed help, so we would study at the Starbucks.  One day he even came over to prep for the test.    I was pretty stricken, so…  I invited him to my 17th birthday party.  He said no, his girlfriend wouldn’t like it.  WHAT!!!  That was it for me.  I felt like he’d like to me, being nearly 17 and totally dramatic, I wouldn’t talk to him.  Classes ended and that was it.  Then he emailed me in October – the next semester – asking me out.  I said no.  Still irritated about the girlfriend thing….

Did he give up?  NO!!  He had my number, and… then he called me on my 18th birthday, (he swears he didn’t know… 😉 he said he knew I had freeze modeled (I was freeze modeling when I met him) and that he was putting together a catalog and needed models, said he knew I had some contacts.  AAANNNDD since it was my birthday, asked if he could take me to dinner.  So we could talk about it…   I said yes.  We went out the following weekend, to Oregano’s.  We spent four hours talking, talking about the future, he asked me questions like “where do you see yourself in five years?”  he was so amazing to me.  I was smitten – so was he.  (By the way, I told him I wanted 8 kids on our first date, he asked me out AGAIN, so I took it as a verbal contract!).  After three weeks of dating, he said he loved me.  Three months later, we were engaged.  9 months after our first date, we were married on December 21st 2003.  Beginning our life together.  We had five beautiful children, and so many memories, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, its all there.  We stuck together though.  Christy and Jason.  Jason and Christy.  Now its just me.  Just us.  Like we always say, “Dads in heaven laughing his butt off at us”  Yes we say that all the time, when Mommy gets lost, attempts to set up a tent by herself, takes the trash out…   we miss him.  He was their Dad, he was my husband.  He was, and is, dearly loved. 



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