How to get through Happy Birthday

1.   wake up.

Not hard, we all wake up (unless we don’t, in which case you are dead and the rest of the steps are not relevant)
2. Get out of bed.

This one can be tricky and may feel like you just had to lift an elephant off of your chest, but this one is very important. GET OUT OF BED.

3.   Smile and take a shower.

Even if you reeaaaallly reaaaallly dont want to. Do it anyway, you cant get through a hard day AND stink (at least I can’t).

4. Keep busy,

Make plans, let yourself be distracted most of the day.  Even you, superman/woman cannot handle focusing on grief and sadness all day, you can’t, well you can, but it will destroy you faster than kryptonite to the heart (OK probably not thaaat fast, but you get the idea)
5. . Eat.

and more than one time, this is a hard one for me, I find I forget to eat on hard days making it hard for my body to deal. NOT COOL you have to eat!

6. Cry.

Let yourself be sad, hard days are hard. Jasons birthday is going to be hard, today the day leading up to it, was really hard. I cried, a lot.

7.  Laugh

Allow yourself to laugh. ITS OK, you can laugh and joke and it doesn’t mean you didn’t love them or care.

8.  Be kind.

Do something nice for someone else. It will make you feel OK, and will remind you that you didn’t die, and that you are still needed here.


That’s how I do it, that’s my “I’m so strong” list.  Haha, I’m just kidding, I’m not strong. I’m just coping with my life, just as I have to.

Tomorrow is Jasons birthday, he should be turning 32, not very old, yet he’s gone. I miss him, I love him, and I’m still living. I will celebrate his life tomorrow with our kids, and I will remind myself of the above steps. Happy birthday baby, I miss you and love you.

-Mrs. Olsen-


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