Awkward – the things kids say

Everywhere we go – I mean everywhere, grocery store, bank, church, walking the park… One of my children, LOUDLY announces, “My dad died”  Making for awkward conversation (well, awkward silence mostly)  for sure.

At the zoo.  Standing watching the zebras, a lady asks my second son, “do you like the Zebras?”  Yep, my daddy died.  Hes in heaven with Jesus.  – she looks at me, I say nothing.  Awkward silence.

Also at the zoo.  “Are you here cause my dad died?  Are you going to be my new dad?”  Awkward silence

At the grocery check out.  Checking out, “would you like a sticker?”  I LOVE stickers!  My dad died, I want mommy to get married again.  Are you going to be my new dad?  – Me trying to hush them… more awkward silence.

At church.  Walking out to the parking lot, me and my five children.  Two men standing there, make a comment, that “I have my hands full”  I laugh it off.  Then Darling daughter yells, “MY DAD DIED!”  I say, yes he did honey, lets get in the car.  Said person, follows me, says “he’s so sorry” proceeds to ask me a billion questions about what happened, all the while, Darling daughter is saying things like “I want mommy to get married again”  “are you going to marry my mom?”  “I hope my mommy marries a girl this time!!!” ect ect ect.

So if you happen to see me and my kids say some really awkward things.  Have grace, they are processing too.  I cant ask them to filter their emotions for other peoples (including mine) comfort.



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